Ever wondered why all that hard gym work doesn't pay off?

(Ans: Your food)

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No nonsense. Just pure sense. 

Backed by research evidence, and personal experience of what's worked, find out why myths like low-carb diets, and supposedly healthy foods like milk, don't work.


Why am I not losing weight when I'm eating healthily?

That's Nicholas.

With 6-packs you might want.

Frustrated, and searching for the next 'hot' diet to follow?

Learn about the hidden calories in the 'healthy' foods like granola bars that you are eating. 

Understand what will work for you.


Shouldn't I go on a diet to lose weight?

The research is out. You can keep sweating over your diets... But...

Diets don't work. Here's why.

You starve your body, making your body scared that you will do it again. Your body ends up converting more of the food you eat into fat storage, worried that you will starve it again. 

It's just trying to protect you. 

But it might keep you fatter.


Shouldn't I cut my carbs and go on a high-protein diet to lose weight?

Yup, you can eat all the chickens you want.

And still find that you are not losing weight.

Carbs are not all bad for you. 

Why? Carbs can increase your metabolism, rather than decrease it. 

Find out why.

Nicholas is a NCSF Certified Physical Trainer and Sport Nutrition Specialist. He has trained bankers, students and professionals to achieve their fitness goals. 

Nicholas Ng

Fitness Trainer

John loves lifting weights and playing with his voice. In his free time, he loves imitating the voices of famous singers like Frank Sinatra.

John Lim

Speaker, Author, at savethesocialworker.com

Stop listening to the nonsense on YouTube. Get facts backed by research.

Nicholas reads research papers on fitness for fun. Everything he says is backed by research evidence.

The diet fads on YouTube? We are not so sure. 

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