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Thurs, 27 Aug 2020, 730pm (sG time)

Hard work that works - Fitness routines that work in lockdown

Are you ready to stop fumbling around with your fitness?


Don't come if you're lazy. 

Staying fit during lockdown is hard work. 

Been searching for fitness hacks that work? Let me guess. They don't work. 

Staying fit during lockdown is hard.

No gym, no equipment, no motivation.

No point working out? You are wrong. 

Come for fitness routines we use to keep our gains.

I'm not going to lie. It's hard work. 

But it works. 

I dare you to come. 

Host: John Lim

John has spoken in Peru, China, U.K, and Singapore.

He is excited about bringing out the voices of others. 

Speaker: Nicholas Ng

Nicholas is a NCSF Certified Physical Trainer and Sport Nutrition Specialist. He has trained bankers, students and professionals to achieve their fitness goals. 

Webinar Date & Time:

Saturday 27 Aug 20 / 7:30 PM

on this webinar

You'll learn about...

Fitness routines that work. 

No more scrolling through YouTube. No more targeted ads for fitness courses. No more Mike Chang special workouts. 

Just fitness routines that work. 

Mindset that keeps you motivated.

Had a hard day? Don't feel like working out? Telling yourself that you will workout tomorrow? 

Stop lying to yourself. Here is a mindset shift that works. 

Habits to keep.

Should I weigh myself when I wake up? Should I eat more vegetables? Should I exercise everyday?

What are the habits to keep, and to stop?

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