In difficult times,

A resource to help people to have difficult conversations, 

to thrive and not just survive

Have a difficult conversation? Need to talk about your emotions? Helping someone through difficulty? 

It's been used in classrooms. Boardrooms. Counselling rooms. With finger puppets, talking sticks, and emotion cards, it encourages us to fully be ourselves

Aimed at professionals from teachers to social workers, this resource reaches the 5 senses to encourage people to talk about difficult things. 

Maybe you think it's not for you.


But in difficult times like these, we need this resource more than ever to begin difficult conversations

Like whether you are going to be retrenched. Or how your child is feeling. Or how your service user is feeling uncertain and confused. 



Inspired by years of research into what works, the kitbag builds evidence-based interventions into activities that you can use. 


With finger puppets and talking sticks, it encourages people to express themselves without fear of reproach. 

Adapted for adults and children

Used in boardrooms and classrooms, the kitbag is for any age.

Championed by professionals

In England, Professor Gillian Ruch has been running the Kitbag Campaign to encourage professionals to use it in work.

Maybe you think: is this really for me?

In a room filled with tension, I took out the kitbag to use with a young 18-year-old. As we played with the finger puppets, she started laughing. 

Emotions are universal. In times like these, we need to talk about the difficult things that matter. 

The kitbag encourages you to express yourself.

It brings out your unique voice. Your child's voice. Your client's voice. 

Because in times like these, we need to listen, learn, and love more.

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IFF Online Kitbag

A multisensory, online resource

What professionals are saying:

A vital tool for making initial contact... And building trust

Appropriate child-centred materials are a vital tool for making initial contact with children and building up the required levels of trust, so it really is concerning that many social workers don’t have these materials to hand for their day-to-day work. 

Professor Gillian Ruch  //  University of Sussex

Simply fantastic!

I used this initially with a new service user I had seen in a tense environment, and she started laughing. 

The kitbag is beautiful to touch, and a simply fantastic resource.

John Lim //  Social Worker

How do I use it? 

There are no set instructions. 

You can use the puppet to encourage your child to talk about their emotions

You can ask something like: What would Wolfie say? How would Wolfie feel? 

This encourages people to speak through the finger puppets, reducing fear of talking about difficut things. 

Or you can even use the kitbag in a boardroom, or a meeting. 

Using the talking stick, tell attendees that they can only speak when they are holding the talking stick.

It encourages people to listen to hear, rather than to respond.  

Inspired by Native Americans, this talking stick was popularised by Stephen Covey's book, 'The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People'.

What is inside?

  1. 1
    Plushy finger puppets That encourage people to talk about their emotions through the finger puppets, allowing themselves to express themselves more easily.
  2. 2
    Beautifully designed outer covering To invite people to open up the kitbag, and use it.
  3. 3
    Innovative talking stick, adapted from Native American tribes to encourage listening and seeking first to understand
  4. 4
    Thought-provoking emotion and presence cards That people can pick from, and use to ground themselves or to spark conversation about the particular emotion

Here at Gutenhag, we work with innovative partners to bring the best resources from around the world.

We focus on resources that bring out the voice of people, allowing them to express their fullest potential.

The kitbag is one such resource that we are excited to bring to Asia, in collaboration with the International Futures Forum.

We hope it will truly help people to thrive, and not just survive.

John Lim, Founder 

Join others on this journey!

Expertly help establish a nurturing relational space

Kitbag uses simple materials expertly designed and brought together to help establish a nurturing relational space and has been adopted with enthusiasm in schools, family and other settings – with or without professional support.

Dr Margaret hannah //  International Futures Forum Director of Health Programmes

Create connections, identify and share emotions...

Kitbag is a resource to create connections, to identify and share emotions and minimise the impact of daily stress in families, communities and workplaces. It develops our inner capacity for mindfulness, calm, resilience and compassion.

TIGERS //  Training Initiatives Generating Effective Results Scotland

The Best Time to Start Speaking about Difficult Things is Now!

In times like these, we need to talk about what we need. We cannot simply ignore our feelings, the difficult things, the woozy things.

We need to talk about them. 

This kitbag helps you to do that. With clarity and conviction, it creates the space to have difficult conversations

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John Lim

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