You can thrive and not just survive.

Simple, elegant, beuatiful.

Designed with a local calligrapher, One Day At A Time  Brings art and words together beautifully.

Ideas to inspire. 

Offering great ideas to chew on, it reminds you that as a social worker, you are enough as you are.

A perfect gift. 

Want to encourage another social worker? Want to encourage your manager or supervisor? Or maybe, you can have


A message of encouragement.

These are difficult times. In times like these, you've persisted in being a social worker. 

Write a message behind to cheer on your colleague. Or to encourage your client. Or to celebrate yourself. 

Thank you.

This is our gift for you.


Beautifully handwritten.

Working with Singaporean calligrapher Alicia from Alyletters, we built this to share a message of hope, love and encouragement to social workers during this time. 


22 cards to spark reflection.

In dark times like these, it's easy to forget why we do social work. Or how to do social work. Or what to do in social work. 

With a reflective space behind each card, you get to jot down your thoughts, ideas and reflections. 


Delivered to your doorstep in 7 business days. 

Hope. Lift. Thrive. 

These might be a difficult time for you as a social worker. 

We hope these cards encourage, lift, and help you hope again. 

Don't just survive. 


The author

john Lim

John loves writing and lifting. If you don't see him writing, you will see him at the gym.

Before returning to Singapore as a social worker, John studied social work at the University of Nottingham. 

The Designer

Alicia |

Aly is a Singaporean Calligrapher and Designer. 

She specializes in Bespoke Artwork, Stationery, Wedding products & Services, as well as Workshops. Aly loves writing, sketching, painting, encouraging others & all things creative! Meeting new people & getting to know their dreams & goals fuels everything she does. She is extremely passionate about her craft and is always busy coming up with new content or teaching other budding individuals to create their own stunning art pieces. 

She hopes that her work will help more people to experience the love of God in a tangible way & deepen their relationship with Him. As she grows this business, she aspires to give back & impact the lives of the marginalized in Asia. It is her prayer that as Alyletters expands, Jesus will increase & she will decrease. From Him are all things & to Him are all things.


Maria Turda, PHD Candidate, University of Central Lancashire

Love the ideas, the images, and the idea. Gives a very positive and good vibe :)

Thank you for serving.

Thank you for loving, caring, and helping even during these difficult times. 

We wrote this to thank you. And also for you to find hope, support and encouragement.