Discover joy, strength and hope. 

These are difficult (and different) times. But there's hope. Practical hope. With this set of 22 inspirational postcards, you will find anchors that pick you up during your darkest times. 

You don't have to lose your joy and serenity. 

Thousands have forgotten this principle. 

You may feel that you've failed, but you haven't. Instead, it's your courage to try that sets you apart from everyone else. 

The crimes you commit against yourself. 

It's easy, isn't it? To self-flagellate, to blame yourself for not doing enough, to think that you're just not good enough. 

But have a little self compassion

Have a little love for yourself. 

Call back those great moments, splashing in the rain! 

It's easy to lose it, isn't it? That sense of joy, purpose and fulfilment that comes at the end of each day, happy that you made an impact, however small it seemed. 

Love the ideas, and the images, and the idea. Gives a very positive and good vibe. 

Maria Turda, PHD candidate, University of central lancashire

Imagine you... hopeful, happy, and whole.

Your colleagues. Your clients. Your world. 

Creating loops of love, encouraging hope everywhere. 

Get 22 delivered. 

Inspire others. And more importantly, yourself

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