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Most common problems

A troubleshooting guide, with the first part being the possible cause, and the following the recommended solution.


Bad print quality

  1. The machine is not on level surface - Make sure machine is level by adjusting the adjustable base
  2. The paper is creased, curled or has blemishes - Smooth out the wrinkle on the paper, or replace it
  3. Image density is too light - Adjust the image density

Paper Jam

  1. The number of papers exceed the maximum tray capacity - Load paper only as high as the upper limit markings of the fences of the paper tray or bypass tray
  2. The paper is too thick or too thin - Use recommended paper
  3. Printed paper is used - Use recommended paper. Do not use paper that has been copied or printed onto


Print is slanted

  1. The side fences in the paper tray is not locked - Make sure the side fence is locked
  2. The paper is feeding at a slant - Load the paper correctly
  3. The machine’s cover is open - Make sure that the right and lower right covers are closed

When using the duplex margin function, parts of the original image are not copied

  1. Wide erased margin has been set - Set a narrower margin with user tools. Recommended setting between 0-50mm
  2. There is a lack of margin space on the opposite side of the binding position - Set a narrower margin with user tools. Recommended setting between 0-50mm

Cannot print in duplex mode

  1. The paper has been loaded in the bypass tray - Remove paper loaded in the bypass tray. Load paper in tray 1 or 2
  2. The paper weight exceeds 90 g/sq m - Change paper
  3. The tray selected is in [OFF] for duplex printing in [TRAY PAPER SETTINGS] under [SYSTEM SETTINGS] - Select a paper tray in [TRAY PAPER SETTINGS] under [SYSTEM SETTINGS], and then press [OK]. Then select [PLAIN PAPER] for paper type, press [DUPLEX], and then select [ON]


Order of copies not correct. 

  1. The originals are in the incorrect order - When placing a stack of originals in the ARDF, the last page should be at the bottom. If you place an original on the exposure glass, start with the first page to be copied