Are you feeling lonely? 

Or that no one understands your pain?

Or that there's no one around?

You are not alone.  

Let's chat :)

18 Sept, Friday, at 730PM.

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Or maybe you're struggling with self-harm during COVID.

You are not alone. 

Come for an open and honest conversation about self-harm and how to manage it during lonely times like these.

Our speakers


John loves lifting weights.

He has also spoken in places such as Peru, China, Singapore and the U.K. 

Nadera, Founder of Creatingsmilessg

Nadera is a mental health advocate who has been sharing her lived experience since 2014.

Her fuel is in wanting to create a better future where there is better awareness of mental health and illnesses, reduced stigma, and promoting help-seeking behaviour and early intervention. She is also a strong believer in peer support, having done peer support since junior college and strives to keep improving on how to better support those around her. 

She is a member of the Community of Peer Support Specialists, a certified Peer Support Specialist and Mental Health First Aider.

Vincent, Founder of the Hope Alliance

Vincent integrates coaching and therapy to work with individuals to activate their identity, discover their purpose, ignite their passion and maximise their potential to live a flourishing life. Over the last 15 years, Vincent has counselled, coached, trained and mentored many children, youths, young adults, couples and parents including those with depression, anxiety issues and other mental health issues

- Tantrum or something more?: Coping as a child through self-harm
- Attention seeking vs attention needing: A cry for help
- "Doesn't it hurt?": What does self-harming do for me


Founder of Creatingsmiles

- The Self-Harm Cycle
- Why we self-harm?
- How can I manage it?

Vincent Soo

Founder of Hope Alliance

You don't have to struggle alone.

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