Feeling down, depressed, and disappointed?

As man, you are told to be strong, silent, and super. 

That's nonsense. Talking about your feelings is not wimpy or weak. 

Mental health is not for women.

It's for men too. 

Don't be another man down.


9 Sept 2020, 

730PM Singapore Time

The Webinar

How do you talk about what you feel... As a man?

How do you overcome the thoughts of people thinking that you are weak and wimpy?

Why is this even important?

John Lim

Founder, Gutenhag Private Limited

John is excited about helping young people to understand, unlock and unleash their fullest potential.

In his free time, you can see him singing David Guetta whilst lifting dumbells. 

Vincent Soo

Founder,  The Hope Alliance

Vincent Soo is the Founder and Managing Director of H.O.P.E. Alliance LLP.

He integrates coaching and therapy to work with individuals to activate their identity, discover their purpose, ignite their passion and maximise their potential to live a flourishing life.

Over the last 15 years, Vincent has counselled, coached, trained and mentored many children, youths, young adults, couples and parents including those with depression, anxiety issues and other mental health issues.

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It's time to talk.

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