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Our products are built so that you can find hope.

Be lifted. Be encouraged. 

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One Day at A Time  - postcard series

Find hope. Be lifted. Encourage someone. With Singaporean calligrapher Alyletters, we designed a series of 22 postcards filled with inspirational quotes for you to find joy, peace, and purpose during this time. 

Are you tired of the never-ending to-do lists in social work? Overwhelming caseloads? Difficult relationships with colleagues? There is a chance for change. This book starts from you. 

Knowing the demands for time in social work, we built this book with engaging exercises, hand-drawn graphics, and practical systems you can put in place immediately. 

Because we believe you can thrive, and not just survive, in social work :)

International Futures Forum Kitbag - Emotional resource for children

Have you ever wondered how to engage children to talk about their emotions? Or how to get them to open up? Or how to even get them interested to talk to you, rather than the phone?

Well, here's something you can try. Backed by research from the International Futures Forum and crafted lovingly by hand, the kitbag helps to engage all the children's senses. With plushy finger puppets, calming oils, and emotion cards, this is the perfect way to touch them in their mind, body, and spirit. 

Why we create

We believe that you can thrive, and not just survive. 

I failed as a student. Then as a social worker. Then as a person. 

Then one day, I realised it wasn't just me. All of us have failed at some point in our lives. That's when we realised that in failure, there could be life. 

Everyone can have an opportunity to find their fullest potential. To understand, unlock and unleash their unique potential. To give voice to their wildest dreams. 


We work with designers so that every single product we build is beautifully crafted for you to engage with. 


We don't build products that look like everything else in the market. We believe that everything we place into your hands is a unique opportunity. 

To think different. Do differently. Be different. 


For every product that rolls off our hands into yours, we believe in helping you embark on your own journey of discovery. Into the great unknown. 

What we create


Created together with Alyletters, a Singaporean calligrapher, we designed a series of postcards to help you to find inspiration, motivation and encouragement during this time. 

You can get them here

Book - Becoming better

Are you tired of the boring textbooks you read for social work, with little application for the real work you do daily? Well, we are. Designed with Singaporean artist Valerie Chua, we created a book filled with engaging exercises, hand-drawn graphics, and practical systems for social workers to better navigate the world of social work. 

How we create

We start from you. 

We've worked with many young people in difficult times. Through those experiences, we've realised that there are some things that never change. 

Like the fact that even though we are more connected than ever before to our technology, today, we crave more relationships than ever. 

Or that today, you've realised that consuming more Facebook, Instagram and TikTok bring more pain, rather than possibility. 

And you ask yourself: Is there more to life than this?

There is. 

We believe in your potential. 

You might think you are stupid. 

We don't think so. We think you have potential. 

You simply haven't found it yet. 

Using the Uncover framework, we help you understand what is within you. Then we help you to unlock the skills that you have. Then we give you the stages where you can unleash that for the good of the world. 


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Maria Turda

Doctoral Candidate, University of Central Lancashire

Love the ideas, the images, and the idea. Gives a very positive and good vibe :)

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