Save 67% of the time you spend on paperwork in social work. 

The numbers don't lie. In 2015, Ferguson (2016:195) found that 39 to 45% of a social worker's time was spent on admin work. 

Let's face it.


You didn't come into social work to spend that much time on paperwork. You wanted to help people flourish! Not sit in front of a computer. 

With these 14 tips, I cut down the time I spent on paperwork from 6 hours a day, to 2. I thought it was just me. Then I shared it. 

Colleagues found themselves happier and healthier.  

You can too. 

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We believe that you have...

unique potential that's waiting to be discovered when you:


Understand what is within you. 

We've had enough of people telling us that you need to do more of this, more of that. You are already all that you need. 


Unlock the skills and strengths that you have. 

We believe that it's not just about passion. But it's about your skill. It's about what you can do that no one else can do. 


Unleash your potential for the good of our world. 

We believe that in building the stages where you can use your skill, the world is positively transformed by your impact. 

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You can thrive and not just survive. 

Doing social work? 

Studying social work?

Thinking of joining social work? 

You're in the right place.

How to manage caseloads in social work

About the author


I'm  John!

On my last placement, I nearly failed. Twice. I felt so lonely. What was worse that I didn't know how to improve, or where to go for help. I created this to help social workers and social work students to know that they are not alone. 

I am excited about helping you to uncover your fullest potential.

John’s teaching was innovative and inspiring; he encouraged the students to consider how to present with confidence and to radically reshape their presentation style to build a rapport with their audience. I am confident that John’s humour, passion and integrity will contribute significantly to organisations.

Andrew Murphy, Assistant Professor, University of Nottingham

He demonstrated leadership skills in organising and delegating tasks. In addition his passion to support to others to develop their oral communication skills built up enthusiasm amongst the students participating. John went the extra mile.

Fiona McCullough, School Director of Teaching, University of Nottingham

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