Want to get a first for your social work degree?

Or get a job?

Studying social work can be one of the hardest things.

You need to manage your placement. Then your coursework. Then your home life. 

Tell me about it!

Find out how I balanced all these competing things to get a first.

Why use these tips?

I failed my first essay. 

I went through the concerns process twice in 2 months. This means that I nearly failed my placement twice. 

Yet I got a first. And 3 job offers in 2 weeks. How?


What is the secret formula to a first? Procrastinating? Or wondering how to get started on your essay. 

Here's how. 


Placements are tough. You have to manage so many different things!

Here's how you can manage them better. 


Placement. Coursework. Studying. Having fun. What are the most productive habits? What are the habits you should stop? 

Build Productive Study Habits

How do you stop procrastinating over your essay and start writing? How do you focus better in class? How do you stop going onto Facebook, and really start doing work?


Placements are tough. Here's how I got through my placement breakdown. Or handled difficult clients. Or found useful topics for supervision with my supervisor. 


Want to get a job? Find out how to ace that interview. Or how to avoid your CV getting thrashed. 


How do you write that first-class essay? Is there a formula to it? Is there something special you need to do? Here's what I did.

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About the Author

I failed my first assignment with a 35/100. 

I went through 2 concerns processes in 2 months. 

Yet I graduated from the University of Nottingham with a first in social work. 

I want you to do well too.