Are you lonely?

You know that deep loneliness.
Where you are in a crowd of people.

Yet you feel that deep yearning for human connection.
You start taking out your phone, scrolling through your social media feeds. You see people enjoying themselves.

And that loneliness itch at the bottom of your heart, doesn’t seem to be resolved.

In fact, it seems even itchier.

social work skills

Real people. 

There are real people in the room. People who are authentic, sincere, and genuine. Who care about you. 

Real conversations. 

You aren't just watching a recorded webinar. Or another boring guy talk. 

We talk with you. We don't talk to you.

Real issues. 

We don't skip around difficult issues. We talk about the things that matter, the things that count. Because we believe that it's only through conversation that change happens. 


Shared by experts with lived experience. 

Nadera is a certified peer support specialist who has gone through her own journey through mental health. 

She advocates for mental health at CreatingSmiles.


Created to connect. 

We don't believe in having another Zoom session where you become a Zoom-bie at the end of it. 

We build breakout rooms in our sessions so that you get a chance to have deeper conversations. 


Belief in you thriving, and not just surviving. 

You can thrive and not just survive. 

These are difficult times. But you can grow through what you go through. 

You can thrive. 

What will be shared

Jeremy - Mental Health Advocate

  • Sharing his mental health experience 
  • The difficulties he faced as he tried to pay more attention to his mental health
  • His experience with finding a community of support

Nadera - Founder of Creating Smiles

  • Journey with mental health
  • Experience with having her difficulties understood 
  • What helped in her mental health journey. 

Be lonely no more. 

Connect with us over a conversation. 

Proudly organised by Creating Smiles and Gutenhag