June 16

How to become an international social worker


How does one become an international social worker? Who am I to give you advice? Firstly, I studied social work in the UK. I also had placements in the UK. Then, I volunteered in Peru and China and eventually worked in Singapore as social worker.

Today, I would love to share some of my experiences with you today.

Becoming an international social worker is never easy. For one, you have to overcome culture shock and reverse culture shock. You also need to adapt to a different way of life and working, which might be a complete reversal to what you believe.

But becoming an international social worker can also be very rewarding. You get to understand more about the world and how there might be different ways of solving social problems.

For example, when I volunteered in china in a home for the intellectually disabled, I saw how they empowered the children there by encouraging them to cook and clean for themselves. They were also cared for by an older man with a disability. It was a community where they were encouraged to live their fullest lives.

Step by step guide

Here is a step by step guide to becoming an international social worker.

  1. Becoming an international social worker starts with knowing where you want to move to.
  2. Once you are clear about where you want to move to, you can start connecting to the social workers’ association in the country you want to move to.
  3. Understand what the qualifications required for accreditation are and if your current qualifications will be recognised.
  4. After that, start finding a social work job in the country you want to move to. Often, this can be done simultaneously with understanding the accreditation required.
  5. It can be useful to register with recruitment or head-hunter companies who can direct you to employers who are looking for people. As someone who might not understand the local context very well, asking a recruitment consultant might help.
  6. Move!
how to become an international social worker

You will find that becoming an international social worker is a great experience. You see things in a different way. Furthermore, you start solving problems through different methods. You grow phenomenally from being pushed out of your traditional boundaries.

You will never regret it.

If you need help, please feel free to contact me at john@savethesocialworker.com and I would be glad to help more.


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