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Social work placement portfolio example


What is an example of a social work placement portfolio? As you can see from the above, the practice placement portfolio often differs from university to university. However, the components are usually similar.

Here I will talk through the different components and explain how you might obtain these.

Here is a good example of a full portfolio.

1. Direct observations

Direct observations are necessary for your supervisor to eventually pass you as a social worker. These need to be planned, to show that you go in with a clear idea and intention about what you are about to do.

Ask for permission from your supervisor and your service user before doing a direct observation.

Explain that you are a student on placement and would need to be observed for your practice. State that the supervisor will be sitting in with you. State that she will be observing you, rather than the service user. At the end of the session, explain that the supervisor will be getting some feedback from them.

Helping them to understand what the process is like eases the discomfort at being observed and asked many questions in addition to what is already a difficult process of getting help.

2. Service user feedback

Feedback from service users is vital because it is indicative of how you have done with them. To get their feedback, it often helps to have a form for them to fill in. for example, you can add two simple questions.

What do you think I did well?

What could I improve on?

Alternatively, a conversation around these two questions is also good.

Remember that it is important to have their consent to get their feedback. Ask them if it is okay to get their feedback for your portfolio. State that their names will remain anonymous and that their feedback will not be posted anywhere.

3. Feedback from other professionals

Getting feedback from other professionals indicates how well you worked in a team. When you get feedback, get their consent to use their feedback in your portfolio. At the same time, have an honest conversation that indicates that you are humble and willing to leaern.

For example, such a question often helps.

Hi Jacqui, I have really loved working with you over the months, and have learnt greatly from your expertise in approaching clients about difficult issues. Could I get some feedback from you to use for my portfolio about what was good about my practice, and what I could improve on?

Thank you!

By praising them and showing your appreciation for what they did, it shows your gratitude for their time with you. It also creates greater receptiveness towards your eventual request.

Hopefully, this example of a social work placement portfolio gives you clearer ideas about how to construct your own.


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