Are you plateauing?

Are you plateauing in your workouts?

Yup, you know that plateau.

You keep working out, but nothing seems to change. You try new exercises. Still, nothing changes. You work even harder, and nothing changes still!

You’re tempted to throw in the towel.

Real conversations. 

You hate Zoom sessions where people keep talking? Yup, me too. 

We talk with you. Not to you. 

You matter to us. You're not just a pixel. You're part of the conversation. 

No more Zoom-bie sessions. 

Ideas that work. 

See the 6-packs below? That's not by chance. Nor by steroids. 

It's all natural. And we share the ideas that got Nicholas there. 

A gift that keeps giving. 

Use one tip from our masterclass, and you grow. 
Rinse and repeat, and you keep growing.

We focus on continuous growth, not quick growth. 


Stop going bananas. 

Stop going bananas over the things that don't work. Searching YouTube for the next great superfood. Or Google for the next great protein supplement. 

We focus on the foods that work. 


Focused on the 80/20. 

The Pareto Principle argues that 80% of results comes from 20% of the things you do. 

That's what we will focus on. It's worked for us. 

And that's what we think you should focus on too. 

We will cover the crucial mindset shift you need to make in order to overcome your plateau. 


Building virtuous cycles. 

You are your habits. But what are the habits that work, and the habits that don't? 

Do you know your own habits? 

Who's talking?

Nicholas Ng - Fitness trainer

Nicholas is crazy about fitness. If he's not curling a weight, he's curling up with a research report about fitness. 

John Lim -  Performance Coach

John coaches clients to uncover their fullest potential in speaking. He has coached CEOs, students, and soc

Go from zero to hero. 

Find what works. What doesn't work. What will keep working. 

Stop that plateau. Start pushing for greater. 

Even greater. 

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