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Want to manage unemployment during uncertainty? Get an interview? Find a job?

Come along on 25 July, Saturday, at 3pm (Singapore Time), for 1 hour.

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  1. Identifying Your Transferable Skills
  2. Creating an Interview Bucket List
  3. Revamping Your Resume
  4. Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile
  5. Expanding Your Network

About the trainer

Michael has been in the HRD business environment for more than 25 years. 

His corporate clients include those from the Singapore Civil Service, MNCs and SMEs. Participants who attend his classes include local staff and those from in the Asia-Pacific region. Currently, he helps displaced PMETs connect themselves to appropriate jobs.

His LinkedIn profile is https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-p-a-tan-83462638/

About the moderator

John has trained clients from Peru, Russia, Thailand, England and Spain.

He focuses on helping people to uncover their fullest potential by inviting them to understand their qualities, unlock their skills, and unleash their potential for the good of the world. 

He was shortlisted for the University of Nottingham's Global Graduate Prize for outstanding undergraduate performance. 

John's passion to support others to develop their oral communication skills built up enthusiasm amongst the students participating. John went the extra mile.

Dr Fiona McCullough

School Director of Learning

University of Nottingham

Michael is one of the kindest and generous trainers I have worked with. His passion for making a difference is what makes him an inspiration by continuing that passion even after the years when he no longer needs to work. He is constantly upgrading himself and is the quintessential example of a lifelong learner and teacher/coach

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