You didn't sign up for paperwork.

You signed up to help people.

We help social workers work efficiently and effectively with practices and toolkits that work.

We train, create resources, and provide supervision to help you do the social work you signed up for. 

Why i do this

Because you can thrive. 

You keep seeing this word 'Thrive', and wonder if I'm just speaking a lot of empty air. I'm not.

Imagine if you were able to wake up each day energised, looking forward to the contribution you can make to this world. Imagine if you lived life full of purpose. You don't just wait for the work day to end, so that you can go back to watching more Netflix. You don't just hit the snooze button. Or you don't wake up, turning to your phone's social media feed for yet another dose of excitement to give yourself a reason to get out of bed. 

Want to know something? I used to be a social media addict. In fact, it was so bad that I wanted to end my own life. Because I saw my friends having these great lives. And here I was, living like a stupid fool, doing things of no seeming significance. 

But out of that valley, I began to realise that each person had that opportunity to thrive, and not just survive. What was needed wasn't my heroics. But what is needed is a mirror for you to see more clearly what you have, rather than what you don't. 

It's whether you choose to. Once you start your journey, you won't want to look back. 

Because you can flourish, too. 

In college, I regularly ranked amongst the last in class. I kept failing my tests. I kept getting called into the teacher's office because I couldn't keep up with the work. I nearly got expelled once. 

I thought it was just me. That I was stupid. 

But one day, I met Daniel Wong. He handed his book -  The Happy Student. I used his framework to think about the legacy I wanted to leave. The skills that I had. Why I was here on Earth. 

Since then, I've never looked back. 

Imagine if school or work was no longer a chore, but something you looked forward to everyday. Imagine if you had the chance to contribute in a way that no one else could, except you. Imagine if you lived aligned to your life's calling. 
That would be magical. 

The greatest lie that society tells us is that living a life where you trudge grudgingly to work, drown yourself in social media, and where life ceases to have real excitement, is okay. 

It's not. 

You have the right to greater. You can do better than this. 

Demand greatness of your life.  

Because we all need to strive for greater. 

You hate BS? Me too. If you are here for quick tips to succeed in your life as a millennial, I don't have it. I don't have 'get rich fast', 'get promoted quickly' tips. 

We all hate it. We all hate the quick-fixes. Where someone promises that this will work, but it never seems to work. Here, I want you to know something. 

If I share something here, I have personally done it. For example, when I shared about how you can overcome your depressive symptoms, they weren't ripped off a Wikipedia page about depression. They were methods that my therapist recommended me, that I used. 

Respect the hustle. 

Gil Petersil, a mastermind expert, always reminds me to 'respect the hustle'. That you may fail, but you must always respect the fail that you tried. 

Your greatest failure isn't that you failed. It's that you failed to try. 

Note: Always hustle. 

Never tussle. 

Strive for greater. 

We seek to understand. 

We exclusively focus on helping you understand who you are, accepting who you are, and unleashing who you are. 

We strive to unlock. 

We look at amplifying your strengths, delegating your weaknesses, and unlocking your skills.

We see your potential unleashed. 

What happens when you give a stage to the potential within you? We build stages where people can give voice to what is within them, for the greater good of our world. 

About Me.

I trained as a social worker, working to help people through their deepest problems. But I like to define my role as a 'voicesmith', helping people to give voice to their potential. 

I love helping young people to understand, unlock and unleash their potential and write specifically for young people at I believe that by building healthier organisations with nurturing managers, young people can show up as their fullest selves and bring their fullest selves to work everyday. 

What i do

I write. 

I believe in writing things that will enable you to find hope, inspiration, and encouragement. That's why we created a series of postcards with Singaporean calligrapher Alyletters.  

I also believe that it's not just about creating something that looks nice, but something that changes lives. 

That's why in our publications, we partner designers.

We start from the reader. 

We think, how can we best communicate this so that others understand? 

Innovative products

international future forums (IFF) kitbag

A multisensory item focusing on helping children to express their emotions, we partnered with the IFF to bring the kitbag more widely to Asia. With a talking stick, finger puppets, and emotion cards, we train social workers, teachers and social service professionals to use innovative resources like these for greater emotional wellbeing for children. 

I speak. 

After falling asleep at yet another training, daydreaming at another conference, and fighting with yet another colleague, we've had enough. 

We decided to build a training programme that worked for you, not for the employer. 

Employers want us to be better employees. You want to be the best version of yourself. 


What they say

Dr. Fiona mccullough

School Director of Learning, University of Nottingham

His passion to support to others to develop their oral communication skills built up enthusiasm amongst the students participating. John went the extra mile.

  nicole davies

   Senior Lecturer, Chester University

People valued having an international perspective. They found it interesting to hear from someone studying social work from a completely different cultural background.


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